Final band added to lineup: Dive - We are proud to finally organize a show with Mr Dirk Ivens! With more than 25 years of organizing clubs and concerts it did not yet happen for some reason. We have seen most his projects live and know what energy and pace he will bring to the stage!


Yet another band booked for the Electronic Summer revival 2022: We welcome Piston Damp from Norway/Denmark.

Band consists of Jonas Groth (brother to Stephan from Apoptyma Berzerk) and Truls Sønsterud. A first album "Making the world great again" was released during 2021 and is produced by Sebastian Komor (Icon of Coil). Welcome Piston Damp!





We are very happy to announce that Sierrα will play at Electronic Summer 2022. Based out of Paris, Sierra has released a number of EPs and singles since 2017. The lastest EP is as fresh as yesterday: The new EP "See me now" which contains 5 new songs.

The music can be described as a mix of EBM/Dark techno/Synthwave, but check her out yourself and listen at:




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In 2012 we organized our first Electronic Summer festival and we had six great years at Brewhouse Arena in Gothenburg. In 2017 we decided it was time to do other sorts of events but when the pandemic now stole pretty much two years of events from all of us we feel like 2022, ten years after the first festival, needs an Electronic Summer. We hope you want to celebrate it with us!

Welcome to one more Electronic Summer!

Facebook event:
Tickets: Tickster

Electronic Greetings! /Henrik & Sebastian.

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