Electronic Summer and Winter electronic music festivals was organized in Gothenburg 2012-2018. 2018 year's EW festival was the last one before we decided it was time to focus on other things. However, the festivals seems not have been forgotten and we have got many requests to bring it on again. After the pandemic 2020-2021 we decided it is about time. Ten years after the first festival. There is going to be an Electronic Summer 2022. We hope you want to celebrate it with us!

As previous years, the festival will contain a number of international live acts as well as DJs. The aim with the festivals is never only to book bands and deliver concerts, but also to create a "club feeling" which means lots of DJs are added on several dancefloors etc.

All in all, a big party for Electronic Music lovers

Organizers of the festival is Depeche Mode Party Gothenburg.
-Depeche Mode Party Gothenburg is Henrik Wittgren & Sebastian Hess. Henrik has organized club events (Electropolis, Plasticity, Synthbar, Saturn) in Gothenburg since 1997. Sebastian runs Wonderland Records (record store and earlier also record label) and has organized club events since 2004.

Welcome to Gothenburg!

Henrik & Sebastian // Depeche Mode Party Gothenburg

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